Ing. (FH) Mag. Brunner, MRICS, REV, CIS ImmoZert, CEO | Managing Partner
DI Michael Weintögl, BA, MSc, MRICS, Head of Valuation


We dedicate ourselves to your order for a market value appraisal with well-founded expertise and neutral findings, valuation and advice. Our experts Mr. Ing. Mag. (FH) Christian Brunner, MRICS, REV, CIS ImmoZert, CEO and Managing Partner and Mr. DI Michael Weintögl, BA, MSc, MRICS, Head of Valuation combine highly professional competence with confidential handling of your request.

When valuing your property, we mainly work with the following established valuation methods:

  • Comparative value method (e.g. for undeveloped land or condominiums)
  • Asset value method (e.g. for owner-occupied houses)
  • Income approach (e.g. for commercial properties)
  • Residual value method (for properties whose current use does not represent their true potential. Property developers and project development properties).

Especially for hotel valuation or properties used for tourism, the business-controlled rent method has established itself as a recognized valuation method.


Hotel - and gastronomy properties

(Ferien- und Stadthotels, Apartmenthäuser, Restaurants, Bars, etc.)

Commercial, tourist and industrial properties

(Gewerbe- und Industrieobjekte, Einkaufs- und Fachmarktzentren, Geschäftslokale, Büros, Senior Living, Student Living, Gewerbegrundstücke, etc.)

Investment properties

(Zinshäuser, Mehrfamilienwohnhäuser, gemischt genutzte Objekte, etc.)


Determination of the market value of the hotel, determination of an appropriate room rent, expert opinions for accounting purposes.

As an objectifying and confidence-building orientation aid for buyers and sellers for the purpose of pricing.

As a basis for determining loan-to-value limits in the case of registration of mortgages or annotation of a ranking order or deposit of a mortgage deed capable of being recorded. However, a valuation is also used to verify the recoverability of guarantees based on property values. We are also familiar with the determination of the mortgage lending value.

As an important basis for preparing balance sheets and identifying hidden reserves.

As an important component of portfolio assessments.

As a planning aid for further object disposition.

As the assessment basis for the tax calculation.

As a determination of the market value of the property as a partial basis for the division of the property


No two properties are alike. With Mr. Brunner and Mr. Weintögl you have access to more than 25 years of joint experience in real estate valuation with well over 2,000 valuations.

Sound valuation through market experience, competence and transparency

The documents necessary for a valuation are discussed with the client, an inspection of the object is carried out, and the expert opinion is presented in a comprehensible manner.

High level of market knowledge, technical knowledge and business understanding

As real estate experts, we have acquired extensive professional and market knowledge.

Expert opinion preparation by a general sworn and judicially certified expert

We have the claim to take care of every order with the greatest possible care.
For this reason, we accompany each customer personally in full.

Discretion and a mutual relationship of trust are top priority at EPHIC

EPHIC ensures the highest possible discretion during the entire evaluation process.

Serious and independent valuation

Due to our independence and the well-founded data determination/research.

Excellent national and international network

For years we have been successfully assisting hotel owners and project developers with their sales and leasing plans as well as national and international operators in their search for suitable properties, therefore we have extensive knowledge of the hotel market.

Our core competencies

We are a team around experts from the real estate and banking industry with many years of experience in the tourism and leisure industry, hospitality as well as in real estate brokerage and development.

We are familiar with the determination of the mortgage lending value

We prepare mortgage lending value appraisals on the basis of the German Regulation on the Determination of the Mortgage Lending Value.


Discretion is an important concern for us. We want our customers to feel safe with us and to be able to trust us. For this reason, it is important to us that we take time to get to know you and understand what we may do for you.

Ing. Mag. (FH) Christian Brunner, MRICS, REV, CIS ImmoZert
CEO | Managing Partner

As a generally sworn and judicially certified expert with decades of experience as well as a studied real estate economist, Mr. Ing. Mag. (FH) Brunner has extensive economic as well as technical expertise and specializes in the valuation of commercial real estate.

Each object is individual and must be considered separately. The comprehensive consideration of a property with the economic, technical and legal aspects are the cornerstones of a proper market value assessment. Sustainability aspects are also becoming increasingly important and must be taken into account in every real estate valuation.

DI Michael Weintögl, BA, MSc, MRICS
Head of Valuation

DI Michael Weintögl, BA, MSc, MRICS is an expert in real estate valuations of residential and commercial properties. His profession lies in particular in the determination of market value for management properties such as hotels and gastronomy objects. The more complex the property, the more exciting the task seems to him.

Michael Weintögl, prepared countless real estate appraisals for banks over the last ten years. Since 2013, he has also been a lecturer for real estate valuation at the University of Applied Sciences Wiener Neustadt. His excellent knowledge of both national and international valuation as well as his access to real estate make Michael Weintögl a specialist for all property types.